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Jan 12

Transportation improvements along corridors in larger cities: The case of 42nd street, Midtown Manhattan -

Study of potential transportation improvements on 42nd street, particularly focussing on surface transit (LRT and BRT).

The right-of-way along 42nd street favors motorists over pedestrians, and the crosstown M42 bus is the slowest in the MTA system. The crosstown transportation of this important Midtown Manhattan corridor which connects the UN, Grand Central Terminal, Bryant Park, Times Square and the Port Authority Bus Terminal is inadequate and in need of improvement. The topic of this study is to research the viability of various crosstown transit options that would replace the inefficient M42 bus, such as a light rail transit system or a bus rapid transitway.

Thesis written by Ronald Woudstra, graduate of the Pratt Institute’s Master of Science in City and Regional Planning.

Dec 13

Steven from Chicago - bike parking

Clearest example of Bike Parking Phenomenon A

In as few words as possible: How to identify, measure, and then address bike parking equity in Chicago, Illinois.